“Your Saveur article attracted the attention of one of the producers of the Today Show. They sent a crew out and did a wonderful piece inspired by your article. Thanks again for all the media love you’ve given us in the last few years.” - CVB host

“We are all thrilled with your article on San Juan Island and Friday Harbor. Looks really beautiful. We are sharing it around to all the folks mentioned and will promote via social media as well. We hope you’ll come back.” - CVB host

“Thanks for another wonderful article. We really appreciate the links back to our website and the member mentions.” - CVB host

“Thanks for your Elkhart Lake piece on Just Luxe. We really appreciate you including the Osthoff – I know Lola and the team will be thrilled.” - PR firm

“I wanted to reach out and tell you how humbled I am to read such a kind article you wrote about the resort. In particular, I loved how you wrote about the details of the cooking class, because that's such a hidden gem about our resort that not many people know about. Your words will truly help us spread the word.” - resort host


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