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How a Formula 1 Engineer Created One of the World’s Most Coveted Pastries

As a young child growing up in Melbourne, Kate Reid spent many late nights with her father watching auto racing. Fascinated by the speed and adrenaline of the sport, she knew from an early age that she was destined for a career in aerodynamics. However, she never imagined that dream would ultimately lead to her pursuing the slow, methodical craft of croissant-making. After finishing a long-sought degree in aerospace engineering, a 23-year-old Kate landed her dream job in Formula 1 racing and mo

A Sailor’s Life for Me: One Sailboat, Three Children, and Thirteen Years at Sea

Rose Ann Points had never so much as stepped a Sperry onto a sailboat when she and her then husband made the bold decision in 1996 to uproot their comfortable family life in Oregon and travel the Caribbean aboard their own vessel. But as wild as the idea may seem, Points needed little convincing when her husband spontaneously suggested the adventure: She had grown up in a small town in Oregon with a dream to see the world, and aspired to a career as a flight attendant. So she agreed (despite a

Southern Makers: Urban Asado-

A Florida grill maker puts his Argentinian roots on display with his asados Sometimes, childhood memories become your life’s work. For Nick Carrera of St. Augustine, Florida, memories of the backyard barbecues at his father’s home in Entre Ríos, Argentina, tug at his heartstrings and his hands. Carrera and his wife, Christie, own Urban Asado, where he handcrafts open-flame Argentinean grills, or asados. The word “asado” is both a noun and a verb. It refers to the grilling technique but also to

Club Med 2 is Back with New Elevated Amenities and Exciting Destinations

What’s better than sitting outside a French café and enjoying the breeze with a brie-topped baguette while sipping on a glass of fine champagne? Doing it all while sitting on the world’s largest sailing ship powered by the wind and your own sense of wanderlust. Just board Club Med’s newly refurbished Club Med 2 sailing yacht and experience it for yourself. Following a recent $10 million upgrade, guests can now enjoy an intimate small ship sailing experience with premium service, stopping at som

The 10 Best Warm Weather Destinations With Direct Flights

Direct flights from New York, Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary California’s Baja peninsula is one of the Pacific’s most pristine spots that could (and should) become your annual winter escape. Cabo’s Medano Beach features two all-inclusive, all-suite sister properties, the Roman-inspired Pueblo Bonito Rose and Mediterranean-style Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos. You can charter a boat for a little deep-sea fishing or take a slower course and paddle your way over to the famou

The Norwegian Prima is Here to Shake Things Up

Let’s face it—travelers either love cruising or they don’t. I fell into that “don’t” category, but a recent trip on Norwegian’s newest ship, Prima, just moved me into the “love” category. The brand has fixed everything that was wrong (in my mind) with cruising. Spacious cabins (even the showers!), great food with more dining options, wide open spaces that eliminate that crowded feeling, and a world-class spa all won me over. Norwegian Cruise Line’s Prima, the first of six ships in the brand’s n

What Are Florida's Datil Peppers?

Pepper aficionados, listen up. If you think you’ve tried them all, there’s one more pepper you need to add to your tasting repertoire. But you’ll have to head to America’s oldest city, St. Augustine, to find it. That’s because the datil pepper only grows in this part of North Florida thanks to the right combination of salt air and humidity. Farmers across Florida have tried to grow these finicky peppers season after season but with little success. So what makes this elusive pepper so special?

Cape Town’s Victoria & Alfred Hotel is the Perfect Location for Exploring the Waterfront

If you’re looking for the perfect jumping off point to explore Cape Town, the Victoria & Alfred Hotel is your spot. This 1904 historic warehouse has been reimagined as a fantastic full service hotel situated right on the harbor with views of Table Mountain. The hotel was named for Queen Victoria and her son, Prince Alfred. The hotel features 94 rooms that face either the waterfront piazza or the mountain, but it feels more like a boutique hotel. The rooms are quite spacious with comfortable fur

South Africa's Arathusa Lodge is the Perfect Spot for a Safari Vacation

I’m surprised by how many people still believe that going on an African safari means you’ll be sleeping in tents in the bush and roughing it. That’s not the case at all and my recent stay at Arathusa Safari Lodge in the Sabi Sand Reserve area of Kruger National Park is proof. It’s a small, boutique all-inclusive lodge that combines the best of its natural surroundings with luxury comforts, not to mention the ultra-friendly staff who are there to make sure every guest has a magical experience. A

6 Can't-Miss Dining Stops Along Florida's Shrimp Coast

North Florida, home to St. Augustine, America's oldest city, lives up to its moniker as "The First Coast" with a plethora of historical sites. But for seafood lovers, it's also known for its coveted Mayport shrimp, named for the 150-year-old fishing village where the shrimp are abundant. These wild Atlantic shrimp are the perfect balance of sweet and savory, with thick meat similar to the texture of lobster. They are available year round but November and December yield the biggest and sweetest

Xcaret Mexico is the Place to Refresh Your Spirit, Soul, and Body

We could all use a little (ok, a lot of) spiritual and wellness help after these past two years. Self-care took a back seat along with travel and socializing. So getting back to your sense of self and reinvigorating your soul now needs to be in the driver’s seat. And I’ve got just the destination that is teeming with spiritual and wellness activities - led by an actual Shaman - to reignite and restore your inner flame. Xcaret Mexico, located south of Cancun along the Riviera Maya, is putting we

An Aruban Classic Gets a Makeover as the Colorful Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort Reopens

I often forget that Aruba is part of the Dutch Caribbean, along with Bonaire and Curaçao, affectionately known as the ABC islands. I mean, I knew that Dutch pancakes were a staple on the island but other than the occasional windmill you see among the buildings, I find it hard to look past the white sand beaches against that incredibly beautiful blue-green ocean. But as I pulled up to the Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort, there was no missing the resort’s nod to its heritage. Ask anyone who has trav

Meet The Chef Helping Florida Women Pursue Their Culinary Dreams

During the 15 years Chriss Brown spent rising through the ranks at Applebee's, she always yearned to cook her own food. "I was the only female in the kitchen, which made it difficult to find mentors. If I had a supportive environment back then, I may have found a better, faster path to pursue my culinary dreams," Brown reflects. Then, in 2005, she stepped out on a limb: she opened a café in Jacksonville, Florida, where her fried bologna sandwich quickly earned her a cult following. Brown sold th

Unpacking Netflix’s ‘The Social Dilemma’

Remember when you learned about the concept of subliminal advertising? Movie theaters were accused of flashing subliminal messages about popcorn and soda during movies to increase concession sales. You’re entrenched in a movie and suddenly you get a hankering for a big old tub of buttered popcorn. Was it your tastebuds or your subconscious brain that triggered that craving? The same thing is happening today but on a much larger, and more dangerous, scale. If you haven’t heard of the new Netfl

7 Reasons Panama is Red Hot Right Now

Panama may not be on your radar screen as a vacation destination, but it will be soon. With a newly appointed Minister of Tourism and a hefty tourism budget, the country is hoping to compete with established and desired destinations in Central America. With historic sites, rainforests, luxury hotels, an exciting culinary scene, and spectacular beaches, Panama seems to have it all. It’s one of those destinations that once you go, you’re hooked. In late 2019, Copa Airlines unveiled a new Panama st

How I'm Dealing With My Mother

I’m Mothering My Mother, and I Hope My Kids Are Watching I packed my suitcase and hopped a plane cross-country to spend a week with my mother. I would not leave for another 100 days. In the middle of our visit, my mother had a brain aneurysm that left her disabled. So I lived out of my suitcase, literally, for 100 days. I gave up everything — time with my husband and kids, holidays, my fitness routine and sleep — to care for my mom. I didn’t do this consciously; it was simply what I had to do.

Bucket list how-to: Glamping and trekking in Patagonia

Patagonia is one of those elusive bucket list destinations, one you really can’t appreciate until you’ve experienced it. It’s the Southernmost point in South America, straddling Argentina and Chile against the backdrop of the Andes Mountains. The region attracts outdoor enthusiasts for its diverse terrain, foodies for its hearty and soulful cuisine, and nature lovers who appreciate the flora and fauna. Its distance and geography might make it seem like a difficult trip, but with the right planning it doesn’t have to be.
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